ROSÉ Premium

classification: Semisweet rose wine, sustainable farming

varietals: 100 % black velvet

appellation: Dolenjska, south-east wine region Posavje, Slovenia

vine training: Double Guyot, dry farming

density and yield: 4000 vines/ha; 2,0 kg/vine

annual production: 20.000 bottles

analytical data: 10,5 % Alc., 5.7 g/L total acidity; very low SO2 content (lower as defined for Biodinamic and organically grown grapes).

climate: Continental, with dry and hot summers, and mild snowy winters

terrain: Hilly vineyards, 210 m. asl and higher

soil: A diverse geological soil composition, consisting mainly limestone and dolomite. The vineyards spread out over the finest wine-growing sites on the hill slopes between river Sava in Krka in south east Slovenia.

spraying: Enviromental friendly. Minimum as needed, only with substances approved for sustainable farming.

harvest notes: Mostly rainy and warm summer contributet towards lower  yields, therefore higher quality and higher sugar content. Manual harvest took place in 21 day period. After pressing the grape skin was seperated from grape juice in less than 3 hours.

fermentation: Black velvet is the world oldest and also Slovenian autochthonous vine. Slow fermentation took place for 10 days and was endorsed by autochthonous yeast under controled lower temperature for richer development of flavoures and aromas.

bottling and ageing: Matured in stainless steel. Bottled right before release.

tasting notes: Aromas of red berries with a hint of raspberry. The taste is luscious and refreshing, with pronounced fruitiness and lively acids.

serving suggestions: Rose is extremely grateful in combination with all food. It is very important that the wine is served properly cooled, preferably between 8 and 10 °C.


semi sweet


alk. 10,5 vol.% vol.%



Serve at

8 - 10 °C °C



Nr. of bottles

Wine region

Dolenjska - Slovenia