Zajc Cviček PTP Classic

classification: dry reddish wine (not rosé), sustainable farming

regulation and protection: CVIČEK PTP is unique, regulated and limited production Slovenian wine, produced under special Rules concerning the wine bearing the mark of recognized traditional denomination ‘cviček’ (Official Journal, No. 3/2000).

description: Very light, low alcohol and very low sugar, fresh. Globally unique composition of red and white grapes. For every beautiful day, casual and nice. Traditional specialty and national wine-star. Rare wine suitable for diabetics.

varietals: Black velvet, Blue franconian, Welschriesling and Royal white,  controlled origin and composition (defined by the Rules)

appellation: Dolenjska, Slovenia, Central Europe

vine training: 5-30 year old vines, single guyot, dry farming

density and yield: 4,000 vines/ha; max 2.25 kg/vine (defined by the Rules)

annual production: 400.000 bottles

analytical data: 10.0% Alc. (In Rules max 10.0% Alc.), 6.18 g/L total acidity (in Rules min 6.00 g/L), very low sugar 1.2g/L (in Rules max 2.5g/L), SO2 25 mg/L (very low SO2 content lower as defined for biodinamic and organically grown grapes)

climate: Continental, with dry and hot summers, and mild snowy winters

terrain: Very hilly vineyards facing South above 210 m. asl

soil: A diverse geological soil composition, consisting mainly limestone and dolomite. The vineyards spread out over the finest wine-growing sites on the hill slopes between river Sava in Krka in south east Slovenia.

spraying: Minimum as needed, only with substances approved for sustainable farming.

harvest notes: Cold and wet spring, hot summer and rainy late summer and autumn. Relative high sugar and lower acidity levels. Manual harvest from 5th till 23rd of September.  On the same day of each harvest were the white sorts pressed and the red sorts put into vinificators.

fermentation: 2-4 days of maceration under controlled temperature than in stainless steel.

bottling and ageing: Stainless steel, bottling as late as possible before putting on the market. Consumption in max 30 months after harvest.

tasting notes: The scintillating game of the cherry and raspberry constitutes the embodiment of its lightness and freshness. Youthfully bashful with a polished acid.

serving suggestions: Goes beautifully with almost all dishes, especially with grilled meat and sausages, served properly cooled, between 12 and 15 °C.




alk. 8,5 - 10 vol.%



Serve at

13 - 15 °C



Nr. of bottles

Wine region

Dolenjska - Slovenia