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The roots of today’s cellar  originate in the wine tradition of the peasant families Zajc, from Veliki Obrež, and Curhalek, from Mostec near Dobova. Thus they go back to the second half of 19th century. After the marriage of Ivana Curhalek and Božidar Zajc the business was gradually taken over by the Zajc family. Since 1990 it has been run by the Sporti d.o.o. company, which immediately after being established invested in the renovation and enlargement of vineyards, outbuildings, up-to-date equipment and the expansion of the suppliers’ network.

The greatest technological jump took place in 2007, when a modern wine centre was built with the help of European and domestic funds at the address Arto 13 at Impoljca near Sevnica. The centre has a capacity of one million litres of wine per year. Since its  establishment, the company has been continually growing. It employs ten people, who have managed to integrate the vineyard owners in Dolenjska region. Its aim is to successfully cater for demanding wine-drinkers in Slovenia and abroad.
Today, the Zajc cellar is regarded as a quality producer and outstanding grower of the Dolenjska region wines, with a special emphasis on premium quality Cviček and Modra frankinja under its own trademark – Zajc.

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