Cviček PTP (Recognized Traditional Denomination)

This is a unique Slovenian wine, made from grapes, grown exclusively in the narrowly defined wine-growing regions of Dolenjska. Every drop is a gift of the region´s sun and the toil of human hands. Cviček is a sort of wine made from various white and red sorts of grapes, which then flow in regular proportion into a beautiful harmony. It is of a ruby reddish colour, it has a pleasant slightly sour taste, it is smooth, without a distinctive dryness and with a slight touch of viola. It shows its true self chilled at 13 to 15 degrees centigrade. It contains a low degree of alcohol (from 7.5 to 10% vol.), making it a light and drinkable wine. It is a superb wine, going nicely with a wide variety of dishes. Its spirit blends easily with the tastes of different Slovenian dishes into a typical Dolenjska harmony. It is a speciality among Slovenian wines, unique in the world, as it does not grow anywhere else. It is a wine for modern times, so it comes as no surprise that the EU has bestowed upon it the title of a protected sort. Cviček Zajc ripens in the biggest private wine cellar in Slovenia and is a proud recipient of the gold medal at the Gornja Radgona  2009 fair.

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